Many homeowners enhance their property by installing decks. They add extra summer living space, and offer an attractive and affordable addition to the home. They also increase the value of the home.


There are several decisions to be made when it comes to deciding what type of deck or fence you will be installing. The deck design can be square, rectangular or irregular, and fence patterns between posts can be irregular. Several building supply stores offer a variety of easy to follow plans, tips and guidelines to help with the construction. The area should  be  cleared  of  all trees,  shrubs,  grass and ground should slope away from the house. Before any construction begins, check with your local Building Department to see if a building permit is required. If so, plans of the deck for size and setbacks on the lot, must be submitted to ensure that they meet municipal building codes. The wood you choose, the style, size, and the contractor  you  select  will establish  the  cost  of  the    job.


Pressure treated wood is the most common material used for decks and fences in this area. In recent years manufacturers have taken less durable woods, such as spruce, and  treated  them    chemically  so  they   would survive weathering. Some manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on pressure treated lumber. It is a cost effective alternative to cedar, but is not as attractive. Cedar costs approx. 35 % more than pressure treated lumber.

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